Save the Monasteries

A spontaneous initiative of artists, scholars, religious and common people,
to spread the conditions of the Christian minorities
and safeguard their cultural heritage in crisis areas

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Many friends and supporters participated in the projects
of Save the Monasteries and joined our appeals and initiatives


Back to Nineveh

The Nineveh Christians are going back home after Mosul and the Nineveh Plains were liberated by Isis.

St. Benedict

St.Benedict of Nursia, San Benedetto da Norcia, 1h. docu-fiction written, directed, produced by Elisabetta Valgiusti.

Jordan's Christians

The documentary was realized in Jordan by Elisabetta Valgisuti during 2016 Easter. Jordan is a Biblical land.


Back to Nineveh

Returning Iraqi Christians’ Struggles — and Courage. Read more

Return to Qaraqosh

Last home of Christians in Iraq. Read more

St. Benedict of Nursia

Founder of Western monasticism, mystic, patron of Europe. Read more

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