EWTN airs ST.BENEDICT OF NURSIA, 1h. docu-fiction by Elisabetta Valgiusti

St. Benedict, Abbot, founder of Western monasticism, mystic, patron of Europe. He lives during the final years of the Western Empire when the Goths sack Rome that afterwards will become the sovereign seat of the medieval Papacy. Pope St. Gregory I recounts episodes of Benedict’s life and miracles from four of his contemporary disciples. Benedict begins his monastic life as a hermit in a cave near Subiaco, where he eventually founds 12 monasteries. He is a spiritual master whose character can be discerned from his Rule. He is a wise and firm but loving man who knows how to guide others and how to look after the spiritual and material well-being of a monastery. Many elements of the Eastern spiritual tradition flow into the Rule as well as models of the Roman great tradition of civil law and organization. The Rule synthetizes Eastern and Western monasticism and aims to a balanced life of prayer and work according to the motto Ora et labora.

“It was St. Benedict to give rise on the European continent to the dawn of a new era. It was St. Benedict and his sons who brought with the Cross, the book, and the plough, great human and spiritual progress to people from the Mediterranean to the Scandinavia, from Ireland to the plains of Poland.“ (Breve Pacis nuntius by Pope Paul VI)

Among the participants: St. Anselmo Abbot Primate Gregory Polan OSB, H.E. Msgr. Donato Ogliari OSB Abbot of Montecassino, Dom Mauro Meacci OSB Abbot of Subiaco, Dom Eugenio Gargiulo OSB Abbot of Farfa, Fr. Benedict Nivakoff OSB Prior of Nursia, Fr. Mauritius Wilde OSB St. Anselmo Prior, Fr. Elmar Salmann OSB, Mother Ildefonsa Paluzzi Abbess of St. John Baptish Monastery in Rome. Theological consultants to the program: Fr. Gerardo Gonzalez Y Lima OSB, Fr. Ruberval Monteriro Da Silva OSB.

St. Benedict is performed by Francesco Ramon Franco and Christopher Owens. Actress Claudia Casaglia plays St. Scholastica. St. Benedict’s voice is played by Anthony Souter and Douglas Dean is the Narrator. Locations: The Abbey of St. Benedict and the Abbey of st. Scholastica in Subiaco, the Abbey of Montecassino, the Abbey of Farfa, the Abbey of St. Anselmo in Rome, Nursia Benedictine community, the Imperial Fora and the Appian Way in Rome.